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How do I purchase online virtual lab products from labOnLaptop store?

Browse the labOnLaptop store and choose your product, click add to cart button, click checkout button, fill the details, choose payment option and click on place order button.

How long my subscription will be valid after I purchased virtual lab product ?

Default subscription (validity) is one month for all on-line products. However, you can subscribe for six month and one year choosing option from drop-down menu for packaged products. Off-line products are valid for one year.

How do I get benefits of default 10% discount?

Click on “10% Discount” button on a product / checkout page. Log in and share with social networks – Facebook and Twitter. After that, you will get coupon code. Apply coupon code on checkout page. You will get 10% discount if you have shared products on Facebook and Twitter. You will get 5% discount if you have shared products only with either of them.

Can I use products off line after purchased?

If you have purchased online subscription product(s) from labOnLaptop store, you must be online to use it. If you have purchased CD packages, you can use it off-line.

How do I access free online virtual experiments from labOnLaptop store?

Click on Free Apps menu and you will get instant access for free experiments.

How long will it take to activate my account after payment?

It will take 24 to 48 hours to activate your on-line subscription / account after payment.

How long CD package(s) takes to be delivered after payment?

It usually depends upon your location, within India it takes 2 to 5 working days to reach the destination.

Can I use labOnLaptop store products on Android devices?

Yes, you can use virtual lab on Android devices also, if you face any trouble you can contact us for assistance.

How many options are available for payment to subscribe on labOnLaptop store?

Following payment options are available.

1. Net Banking (online money transfer)

2. Check payment.

3. Money Order

I am school principal, I need bulk subscriptions, any discount is available?

Yes, you can contact us in that case.

My school has one server and many thin clients, can we use online virtual lab?

Yes, but you have to have individual subscription for each machine.

I want to sale your online virtual lab products to many schools, what do I do?

You can register with our online affiliate program.

Will virtual lab products run on projector?


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