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What is virtual lab? Experience the answer here yourself. Our science software for kids, students and teachers are significant for science practical education. An educational science landmark that improves the common-sense of implementation and adoption of science principals in routine life. Virtual science practicals / experiments in shape of physics software, chemistry software, and biology software are playing vital role in thorough understanding for secondary – high school / primary - preschool students as the applications are developed in the way that gives the elation with knowledge, fun and feeling of cool educational software. Verities of science projects with fun and knowledge are developed in form of science experiments - science fair projects - virtual lab with virtual reality - web software applications and many more. We offer software solutions for virtual educational practical science lab for almost all streams of science and technology’s applications software development. Educational software solutions for all standards including CBSE, ICSE and GSEB.

labOnLaptop is a leading provider of scientific multimedia technology to business and education system worldwide. We provide development services and products in educational, medical and industrial sector. This potential have enabled labOnLaptop to become a valued business partner with a host of leading domestic and international companies.

Science Lab Software

Award Winning Science Software

Our "Ohm's Law: Virtual Science Practical Lab" a high school practical Science Software was awarded by Intel corporation under "India Innovate 2010" Contest. We feel proud to announce that one of our virtual lab apps "Find the Specific Gravity of Objects having Irregular Shapes" was demonstrated by Intel in Intel AppUp Show. Please watch the video.

Virtual Science Practical Lab

If you would like to bring your science practical lab session home you are on the correct place, here is a way. Experience a real-time physics lab and perform Physics Experiment on your Computer/Tablet/Mobile. You can perform Physics experiments using our Virtual Lab software, which materializes a genuine experience of “DO IT YOURSELF�. All the procedures within the software are developed in order to provide a real life lab experience as how the students do in their laboratories.

Medical (Virtual Operation Theatre) Doctor, we salute your noble profession

We provide Virtual Operation Theatre Solutions in two ways :

1. Web Based Online Virtual Operation Theatre with subject of your choice.

2. Standalone Desktop Virtual Operation Theatre Application with subject of your choice.

When a surgeon is explaining to his/her patient that what is the problem and how to get it cured, the process is verbal and lengthy. With our software for surgeon, doctor can explain detailed and real-time disease situation and remedies to his/her patient with our highly interactive, user-friendly and customizable software. Even surgeon can simulate virtual operation on computer with the application to explain it to his/her patient. We are developing all classes of software as per Doctor’s demand for any branch of Medical science.

Industrial Simulators

We provide Industrial Simulator Solutions in two ways:

1. Web Based Online Industrial Simulator with options of your choice.

2. Standalone Desktop Industrial Simulator Application with options of your choice.

We are serving many small, medium and large scale industries by developing the industrial simulators for their machine,plants and parts. Companies can get their simulator developed for particular machine and plants. The employee can get practical training of the machine without wasting valuable raw material.

A wet experience of Real-Time Virtual Science Lab for Students & Teachers

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